Volunteering with The Shambhala Hamilton Group

Shambhala Hamilton is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization that relies on the efforts of many people who share our wish to make meditation available to others. Volunteering, in whatever way is best for you, is an opportunity to connect with some of the teachings. For example, one of the first Buddhist teachings is about generosity as a way of releasing ourselves from self-centeredness, which liberates us from feeling apart from the world. Generosity, in the form of volunteering, can be anything: from time, to contributions, to joining us when you can. Our community is grateful for any form of generosity you feel drawn to offer.

Potential Benefits of Volunteering:

Deepen your practice with meditation in action

eg. mindful awareness, compassion.

Expand your connection to the Shambhala community through these common tasks.
Practice leadership. Learn more about Shambhala culture (eg. Rota = short work period found at many longer programs).
Support our community.


Steps To Volunteering

Please complete our Volunteer Interest Survey to let us know your intentions and so that the organizers can contact you, or not, according to your preferences. This is not a commitment and it can be approached with flexibility since circumstances change. The survey is simply a way to find a starting point.

If you happen to know ahead, one option is to sign-up on the Volunteer Schedule sheet enclosed in the binder found on the tea table or to speak to one of the organizers.

Hamilton Group Volunteer Tasks

The idea of each task is to help nurture and maintain a warm and friendly atmosphere. We aim to create an uplifted space and to practice wherever possible such teachings as listening deeply and speaking from the heart all within a culture of no mistake.

Help Setup ~ Start Time = Anytime between 08:30 and 09:00

  • Done in partnership with someone who knows the routine.
  • Supplies provided = everything needed is stored on site.
  • Tasks include:
clean the space (eg. sweep floor, washrooms) set up items for the following locations:

  • shrine and timekeeper’s place
  • tables for tea station and tea preparation
set out cushions and chairs in row configuration
cover mirrored wall with curtains

(part of Padma = host) ~ Start Time/Duration = 09:45 until 10:20

  • Supplies provided: Shambhala Hamilton name tag.
  • Tasks include:
create a welcoming atmosphere greet and welcome people as they arrive
wear a Shambhala Hamilton name tag offer new people option of meditation instruction
unlock/open door for each person introduce them to instructor if applicable

~ Start Time = Bring before 10:00 and display

  • Supplies provided: we use small vases so only a small number of flowers are needed.
  • Tasks include:
bring flowers from your garden or purchase display on shrine (represents exertion)
recommended offering to the space but optional optional display on tea station table

(Umdze) ~ Start Time/Duration = 3 options:

1) total = 10:00 until 10:45     |     2) 1st half = 10:00 until 10:20     |     3) 2nd half = 10:25 until 10:45

  • Supplies provided: reference card (times, # rings, etc.); small clock; gong/stand; gandi (wooden clappers).
  • Tasks include:
provide example of how we sit as a practitioner follow the timing routine (see reference card)
open and close the shrine (“lighting”) signal transitions with gong & gandi (see card)

Tea Preparation
(part of Padma = host) ~ Start Time/Duration = 10:30 until 10:45

  • Supplies provided: selection of two flavours of tea, kettle (1 portion boiled ahead), 2 tea pots, water jug.
  • Tasks include:
add 2 tea bags to each of 2 tea pots make the two different flavours of tea
boil 2nd batch of water take tea pots to serving table & identify each type

Clean Up
~ Start Time = 12:00

  • Tasks include:
all are welcome to pitch in as much as you can help pack up everything
no need to sign up help put everything away

Other Ways to Help

take mugs home to wash & bring back when can bring treats/goodies for tea time and potlucks
financial support take promotional flyers to distribute when needed
share social media posts any other ideas welcome



Thank You! We truly appreciate your interest and support.

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